UC Riverside Graduate Part of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Team at Los Angeles Times

“In the newsroom, I heard a bunch of cheering,” he said this week, after the Pulitzer prizes were announced. “I was on deadline, so I’m sort of ignoring it, writing in between bites of some tacos I’d brought in. But finally I decide to walk over, and at that moment they took a photo. So now there’s a picture of me standing right behind the Editor in Chief as he announces the prize,” he said.

A Word of Praise from the Under Secretary of Education: Clone UC Riverside

He noted UCR’s graduation parity. Students from all incomes and ethnic backgrounds graduate at approximately the same rate. And UCR’s graduation rates are better than the national average in every category. He looked at the audience of staff, faculty, and community members in the Highlander Union Building, and proclaimed, “That is extraordinary work. Those are extraordinary outcomes. Those are numbers to be proud of.”